Light of Glory Taxi Services

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Interior Luna St. Lapaz, Iloilo City , Iloilo, Philippines
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(33) 329-1316 / 328-5147 

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  1. Spicemae says:

    may i ask for help? we left a blue olympus V-140 digicam with black leather case and masskara pictures in it in a cab yesterday, october 21, 2012. we rode from jaro church corner to sm city at around 4pm to 4:30pm. please radio your drivers about this in case. i was there in iloilo for vacation and i came back to manila yesterday. the camera is very important to me and so with the pictures. my friend who was with me stays in jaro, iloilo. we can be reached at 09164537843 and 09088937231. pls update us. thanks! 

  2. Anabelpastolero says:

    Good afternoon Mam/Sir. I’m a college student from the University of San Agustin, Iloilo. May I ask if you are allowing students like us to conduct a research proposal about the effectiveness of the marketing strategies you employed to capture the market? This is part of our requirement to pass the subject. We will give a letter if you allow us to Mam/Sir.
    We will very much appreciate to receive a favorable reply from you Mam/Sir.
    Thank you so much and God Bless to your Company.